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I was at a bachelor party the other week. It was a rather typical party. Gambling, drinking, stupid raffle (I won a bottle of wine), and of course there were the strippers. I understand the point of the girls, it’s supposed to be the groom’s last night out. His last taste of freedom so whoever is in charge of the party is supposed to acquire girls for entertainment.

The presence of strippers has always made me apathetic. I neither become excited at the prospect nor am I uncomfortable around them. It’s almost as though I regard them as a non-presence. I say almost because with all of the attention that is usually lauded upon them they are impossible to ignore.

Then there is the “forced participation.” At the bachelor party the other week I did what I usually do during the “show:” I sat in the back while drinking a beer. I watch the eyes of all the other voyeurs, hoping to find someone else with the same outlook that I have. This never happens. It’s not the girls…usually, I’ve seen some horrid strippers.

I’ve visited strip clubs and the only thing I have felt is grief at how much the drinks cost. If I have a bachelor party, I’m of the opinion that I would not like them to come. A last taste of freedom is apparently watching a girl take her clothes off? I don’t think so. I can get roughly the same thing on late night cable.

I suppose it’s a matter of taste. I’m not into the whole gender exploitation argument. Sure the women or men who strip are getting paid purely on their physical merits but it is ultimately their choice to do it. There are of course exceptions, but those are not the norm. Those that women that I knew who stripped, did so of their own accord. Some of them were not intelligent and others were. So that argument does not work for me. Though, if pressed I will pretend that is the reason depending on my audience.

Probably my reason is because it is professional. They wouldn’t be doing it if there wasn’t the promise of cash. I said earlier that they choose it, but their choice isn’t any more of a choice than a person who works at a restaurant, office, or bar. It’s merely a way to pay the bills for those that either don’t have many other options or see the lure of quick easy money too desirable. It maybe akin to the way a cancer doctor looks at the human breast. I would rather they wanted to do it rather than getting paid to do it.

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