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This week in War

Surprisingly, on Friday I found myself watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics. I was at my desk checking my email, reading blogs (some of you need to update!), etc. when I kept hearing the insipid comments of Bob Costas. Along with those were Laura’s expressions regarding some of the pomp of the ceremony. After a little bit, I checked on it and there was some marvelous things happening on the floor of the “Bird’s Nest.”

Fast forwarding an hour or so and we were well into the parade of flags, the introduction of the various countries’ Olympic teams. As the Russian team entered the floor the announcers made a curious statement regarding the news of the day that had been discussed between former Russian President, current Russian Prime Minister/Puppet master Vladimir Putin. Apparently Russia had invaded Georgia and somehow I missed this.

Well the glory of the internet (one of the few) is that old news is still news. I can still look it up. Initially I was tempted to regard the whole thing as a local spat between Russia and Georgia over an arbitrary border. The sort of thing that Russia has continually grappled with since the fall of the Soviet Union. However, this was not allowed to continue as a full scale invasion of Georgia has occurred by the Russian army.

Because of the former power of the Russian government, when its army acts the entire world stands up to take notice. Russia cannot be ignored. I have often commented to Bill at K Ghallager’s, “never mess with a country founded by Vikings,” so what exactly is the problem and how does the world respond?

The problem doesn’t appear to be Russia’s fault. At stake is a section of Georgia, Ossettia, which declared independence from Georgia and which that country has seemingly refused to acknowledge as evidenced by a crackdown from the Georgian government last week. Russia supports the breakaway and has invaded apparently to counter the invasion by Georgian troops. The problem for Russia is that given its reputation they will rarely be described as “the good guys.”

GOP Presidential nominee, John McCain, has unsheathed his saber to rattle at the Russian invasion. In a speech today he has proclaimed that it is an unprecedented invasion and that the U.S. should side with the Georgian people. The trouble with this is that everyone in the U.S. government from Bush and Cheney to Democrat leaders have advised that there be a cessation of violence in order to peacefully broker a settlement. This view is also shared by the U.N., NATO, and the European Union.

I suppose the question to ask is where the sovereignty of Ossentia lays? Is it with Georgia or Russia? It cannot be with Georgia since the region has resisted Georgian control. Russia claims that many of the population in the region have Russian passports meaning that the citizenry there has willfully consented to being under the Russian Sovereign. The Government of the Land of the Rus has said that its response’s purpose is to protect its citizens from Georgian oppression.

Is the response correct? It seems to be an over response as the Russian military is much larger than its Georgian opponents but did we say the same thing when Israel performed a similar response against hezbollah two years ago? According to Hobbes some invasions are done in order to prevent future conflicts. Hit a guy hard enough and you will never have to hit him again. At last check, EU envoys were on their way to Moscow to pursue a peace deal with Russian President Dmitri Medvedev. Hopefully his master will agree to the deal and we can resolve this thing. Technorati Tags: ,

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