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Yep it’s time for a baby post.

Little Gwendolyn (or Grendelyn as we call her when she is frantic), is now over two weeks old and she has made some interesting progress in that time since she has come home.

Headbutting: in what was initially an interesting phenomenon she began to lift her head and hold it up for a couple of seconds when she was only a couple of days old. I am told that this is ahead of schedule. I’m not sure of this but the pediatrician seemed to think so. It looks like the drunken head bob. You know when you have had too much to drink and you start nodding off but then you snap back to attention? It looks a lot like that, in fact alot of what she does reminds me of a friend that has had too much to drink.

Anyway, as time has progressed she can lift/move her head around under it’s own power. Her favorite game while doing this is to headbutt me right in the throat, over and over again. I wonder how exactly she isn’t in constant pain from this since on many occasions she has nailed my collar bone with enough force that it causes me pain.

Crawling: It started as a game between her and I. When she cries she kicks her legs, I am told that babies do this. One time, a week and a half ago, I placed my hands underneath her feet and she kicked down with enough force to propel her upward…straight into my chin. I don’t lift, mind you, my hands merely provide good footing within which she is semi-mobile. She can actually inch worm herself upwards/sidewards. Again, this is supposedly ahead of schedule but I don’t want to sound like one of those parents who think their child is the greatest person ever to have been born (although in this case it may be true). In two weeks she has achieved a semi-mobility that is usually only reserved for cows and goats that are seconds old.

Choking: Not herself choking, but her choking me. When she’s not crying (about 5% of her waking time) she is usually flailing her arms about in a grasping motion. Babies do this because their vision sucks and they learn the world by touch. If I am laying down with her face down on my chest (in the hole) it takes a few seconds for her to get comfortable and then she rams her fist into the hollow at the base of my neck causing me to gasp for air. The frequency of this event has led me to doubt its accidental nature.

Punching the cat: On two separate occasions she has caused harm to the evil cat that my fiancee owns. The cat, who is used to being the center of attention, has begun to notice a shift in popularity propelling her from the #1 spot in the house to the #3 spot (I’m still #4). She has begun to investigate the new screaming bundle of cloth that is frequently causing her not to get petted. The first time she gingerly hopped on to the changing table, or what she had been using as a bed, immediately getting swatted by Lux. The cat fled in terror. In the cat’s mind Lux didn’t do it, the new creature did because her former owner would never hit her. This led to some reticence on the cat’s part to approaching the baby in any fashion. Today she had worked up the nerve to sniff the cat and this time Gwendolyn punched her in the head. The cat is learning a nice lesson about dominance and why having opposable thumbs is better than being able to see in the dark.

For the most part the baby sleeps and eats. Her favorite shows include Magnum P.I. and Oz. I shit you not, those two shows will calm her down, must be something about cheap synthesizer intro music and prison rape that settle the monster within. She also enjoys the book Howl’s Moving Castle, and my collection of Norse Mythology but she cries when the stories are focused on the father of lies. Odin’s hanging on Yggdrasil…that captured her interest. Her favorite video games include Final Fantasy X and Call of Duty 4, again she becomes calm when those are in the background.

Pictures still coming, I am probably going to set up a slide show and then link to it on here. We have some interesting ones.

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