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The Buffalo News, yesterday, ran as its lead story an article concerning the possibility of Sarah Palin’s candidacy for president in 2012. Why would they curse us with the thought of this possibility? Well apparently someone in Erie PA likes her. I find the 2012 prediction to be quite an impossibility for two reasons, both hinging on who wins the election Tuesday.

The Obama win: If Obama wins the election Palin is finished. Despite the fact that there are a lot of people that legitimately do not like John McCain and his policies she will be blamed for bringing down his campaign. The right wing machine will begin postulating a series of ‘what ifs?’ regarding different choices for VP, all the while blaming the unfair liberal media for the loss. In short, someone is going to have to take the fall for the loss and it’s going to be her. And deservedly so, her numbers are below current Senate approval ratings and I know many people that just won’t take the chance on letting her get that close to the presidency and thus won’t vote for McCain.

If McCain wins I don’t see her running in 2012 as McCain would probably want a second term. So how do we arrive at this 2012 prediction? Obviously we can infer that the paper was assuming that Obama was going to win on Tuesday. I’m not sure who exactly the Buffalo News has endorsed, but given their track record it’s probably Obama. Was this article a subtle attack on McCain by using the possibility of his running mate’s possibly candidacy?

It is possible, since apparently the media just hates McCain and has had a secretive agenda to get Obama into the presidency for whatever reason that is. I don’t see the support for any type of future after this election, even Alaskans are beginning to turn on her.

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