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What do you think the subject is going to be?

This morning, for the first time in my life, I voted for a Democratic presidential candidate. Typically I was always a “buck-the-system” type of voter who hated the two party system. I still do, as a country I think the two party system hasn’t really been effective at doing anything. For the most part, and especially in the last eight years, this current system has only served to polarize the country to an extent where if a politician reaches across the aisle it’s seen as something to brag about rather than the status quo.

Anyway, this is the first presidential election that I am actually nervous about. The previous two, the choice was an abstraction for me, I knew that Bush was going to win. I never thought it would be that close, but it was obvious. The first polls close in several minutes.

I voted this morning around 11am. There were no lines and no problems. Well, except the signs pointing to the wrong doors at the school. The gym classes today are probably getting frequently interrupted. I hope everyone voted today if you are able.

Probably more posts as the day progresses, or maybe not.

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