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…Hollar boys, Hollar boys, make the bells ring…

After voting yesterday I went to Starbucks, as is my usual custom in the afternoon. The company was giving away a free Tall (in the non-Starbucks world it means “small”) coffee to everyone who voted. It was s a nice gesture, Tim Hortons was doing the same thing although I do not know what size coffee it was, and I never saw the place so busy on an afternoon.

Last night I went to bed happy. The president that I voted to be in office had won the election. It was more than just that though, I got just about everything I wanted out of this election.

The first was that the youth vote seems to have turned out. While the voting figures aren’t exact, early estimates are putting the percent of registered voters over 60%. A huge number, and while I have to wait to see what specifically the demographic lines are (the early exit polls aren’t to be trusted) based on the shots of crowds at the various celebrations my people/age group did something this year.

Secondly, the win margin was high enough that it won’t be called into question by a bunch of sore losers. It didn’t boil down to just one state. California finished the election off but all of the other states that Obama won (Pennsylvania and Ohio especially) meant that the country wanted him for president.

Thirdly, I was hoping that the loser would be gracious in their speech. McCain’s speech last night was great. He was very clear that while he wanted to win, he’s not going to be bitter and he will support the President-elect as this nation’s president. The only down side to his speech were the audience members who booed at the mention of Obama’s name. To McCain’s credit, you could tell he wasn’t happy about them. Perhaps we may see a return to the true Maverick McCain of 2000, although that might be too much to hope for.

We will soon have a new president, a new congress (sort of), and a new direction for the country. January is the month, the new president starts in the new year. Can we stop all of these calls for a midnight law? Recently as last week I’ve been hearing pundits screaming about how the new president should take office the day after elections. This is pure folly. Anyone would need the time, except an incumbent.

Finally, to California: nice job voting for proposition 8. It’s great to see that you idiots listened to the mormons and voted for the constitutional amendment. You along with the three other states that did the similar thing really understand the issue of tolerance and liberty. It’s nice that you feel the government should run our love lives telling us who we can and can’t marry.

I guess since everyone else is repeating the English poem, I won’t but I’ll always remember this day.

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