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Another Christmas season (or Holiday Season as the militant homosexual socialists want us to call it), and another low balling for employment by taking a shitty retail customer service job as a temporary measure. Unlike the last retail job that i had (Office Max) this one I don’t automatically hate, I’m working at a Barnes and Noble.

The main difference is in what I am selling. Honestly, I don’t care about paper, ink, toner cartridges, and those stupid fucking extended warranties that anyone who sells electronics tries to build their financial security. Just ask Circuit City how well that worked for them. Customers at Office Max were little more than drones with lists, of course in the Holiday Season (cause the terrorists have already won) most of the people coming in are nothing more than drones with lists, at least these people made the list themselves.

It’s mindless work, punching the register searching for things that people are too lazy to search for themselves but it’s work…which means that it is a paycheck. It can hold me over until the season is done and possibly through the summer until I hopefully start PhD school. The tough part about the job is the not buying everything in certain departments. The discount is nice, too nice, and there are a lot of books that I probably should have read that i haven’t (Locke comes to mind).

My co-workers seem alright, but aside from the three girls that i have been training with everyone seems to regard us “seasonals” like we are on death row. Why should they bother when we only be around for a couple months anyway? I don’t fault them for this, I did the same thing for the temp hires at the movie theater an age ago.

This will be good for me as I do need to get back into the books. Lately, between the publication and the election I haven’t been expanding my reading habits that much, aside from that completely shitty vampire novel.

I also like the fact that this job doesn’t have a uniform that i have to wear. Just dress guidelines that relegate work clothes to a “business casual” kind of look; something one step lower than what i used to wear to class. No dumbass corporate polo shirt that is too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. Or some t-shirt that you have to be creative with what is worn underneath in order to not feel like a tool. I guess I said it best earlier when i said that it’s work. I’m sure I’ll have much to complain about as the shopping season progresses.

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