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Advice to Democrats

Congratulations you took power in the US government. It’s a big step, and something that you really haven’t been used to for a long time.  I remember the Republican wave in the early 90s where you lost the Senate and now you probably have it back. This time you also have the presidency which should make things easier, but being the Democratic party you will find a way to fuck it up. Although this blog had thrown it’s support behind our current president elect, long time readers will remember that I have long criticized the Democratic party for a lack of spine. Currently they are doing two things that should remind this country that while the GOP has made a recent mess of things, the Democrats can’t sit on their laurels because they have a quality of self-destructiveness that rivals the NY Mets.

The big question among the party concerns the fate of Joe Lieberman. Lieberman, an alleged independent, is in trouble with the Democrats because he actively campaigned for the McCain/Palin ticket. This was especially bad because the party sent Obama to help him win when he was in political danger a year ago. Lieberman shows a disloyalty to the party that he was once a member of and now the Democrats don’t know what they should do with him. He chairs the committee on Homeland Security, a relatively powerful committee. The Democrats think that they need his vote because it would make the Senate immune to fillibuster. However, his vote is more likely to be non-consequential as the Democrats need 60 and even without Lieberman won’t be able to get it. Franken has to win his recount which is proving to be less than probable.

The Democrats are notorious for not having the courage to do what is necessary. Lieberman, they assume, has them by the balls so the debate is how to punish him without offending him. As the Florentine would advise, you can’t. What they should do is punish him, hope he is offended and joins the Republican party. Then the Democrats could campaign the ass off whoever runs against him and eliminate him from all committees possibly relegating him to do commentary on one of the major news channels. The thought is to put him charge of less important committees which would keep him in the fold but remind him that he broke the rules. This is clearly a mistake as a person is not likely to forget the power they once had and will seek revenge. He has broken his allegiance previously why would he remain faithful?

Before you start writing posts about how I must be hypocritical to have recommended Lieberman as the better pick for vice president than Palin on the McCain ticket I direct you to dictionary.com. He was better pick to suck in the moderates for the GOP. This current recommendation has nothing to do with the previous one.

So far Obama hasn’t made too many mistakes regarding his transition picks or his cabinet. I am wary over rumors that he might select Hillary Clinton to be Secretary of State (as of the time of writing nothing has been official). That is bittersweet for me, sure i have to deal with her in the national sphere but no longer would she be a sand bagging Senator for my state. I think we can all watch with abated breath these two errors go down. The Democrats must remember that all the power they just won, wasn’t because of their good work or virtue but because the population was just getting increasingly sick of the GOP. It was a negative vote not a positive one.

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