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Black Friday

Only in fucking Long Island could this have happened. By now we should all know of the fate of Jdimytai Damour, a man trampled to death by Walmart customers as they tore down the doors to get the (now literal) door buster sales at 4am on the day lovingly referred to as Black Friday. Initially, I had thought that poor Damour was a regular Walmart employee. My initial thought was one that I’m sure all of us in the retail world have had at one point or another when considering our jobs.

The thought that, “I just hope I don’t die in this job.” Of course, we mean it differently. We mean that we don’t want to work in the job for the rest of our lives. We’ve all had that one really shitty job where this has to be true. If you haven’t, well then I have to envy the fact that you have never taken a job specifically for the paycheck. But Damour, wasn’t even that. He wasn’t a Walmart Employee, he was a temp, hired to do janitorial work which also means that most likely he was at the end of his shift. It just adds to the deplorability of the whole situation.

I have written many polemic entries regarding consumerism. During my Office Max days I remarked on how people think that they have to buy something just because it’s on sale, to some entries regarding Black Friday itself. The problem here is that when you place that many people in a large group, all clamoring for something in short supply, something like this was going to happen eventually. It can almost be considerred a mathematical certainty.

This retail driven false “holiday” needs to be toned down. Hasbro and its ilk need to stop producing items that are only intended to be sold for those first few hours. Retailers need to stop pretending that those special sales can only be sustained for the first 100 customers. This would help a little bit.

It’s easy to just blame the corporations on this but the mob here is also responsible. The reports all say the same thing, that the customers broke the doors down knocking over the janitor and then trampling him. That happens rather frequently. Last year a reporter for Channel 4 in Buffalo was chastised for laughing at the absurdity of a similar situation. People don’t learn.

Not only did they trample him, they also ran through/over workers attempting to drag Damour out from the rush. Which, since Police say that he didn’t die immediately is a contributing factor in his death. If that wasn’t bad enough, customers actually complained when the store was closing. They complained that they could no longer shop in the same building as a dead person for whom while no one person was responsible for the death of, that whole mob was.

150 dollars off a flat screen television killed Damour. Everyone responsible for that type of discount from the marketing reps who shoved it down our throats, to the corporate boards that approved it, to the rival stores that did similar to stay competitive, to the people that lined up for them with their only thought being to achieve this golden fleece of a product: all of them killed Damour.

While many people (mostly liberals with poor understanding) hate Walmart, the company can’t be anymore responsible for the man’s death then the common folk who actually did the deed. It may have happened at Walmart, but if it didn’t, Circuit City, Target, Toys R Us, Best Buy, or any store with door buster sales might have been the crime scene. I don’t know if anything can be done to prevent this in the future but people could start by calming down during the happy holiday season.

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