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I wonder what the people who bought the bumper stickers will do now that this day is over? There is one of them on my street, “January 20th 2009: Bush’s Last Day in Office.” Congratulations, you can read a calendar and have some moderate knowledge in Constitutional Law. I should have sold those bumper stickers on January 21st 2005. It’s not like they are specific to the new guy.

We watched the ceremony and part of the parade. Gwen paid attention just like she pays attention to the hockey games or when I play XBOX. I would like to think that she actually gets it, but more realistically she is probably more attracted to bright colors. She does pay attention to sounds, and for what it’s worth she was more silent during the president’s speech than the yahoos on CNN.

Wolf Blitzer said that himself and the crew of CNN were a special part of the whole day. A special part, I have to strenuously disagree. Him and company are no more a part of the events today then I was. The only difference was that he was on tv, giving self glorifying comments like that while became more and more frustrated with the press jerking itself off over their inflated sense of importance.

The fifth estate really thinks highly of itself. I suppose this is a symptom of 24 hour news channels, today you would think that nothing else happened. How’s the conflict in Gaza going? That cease fire still holding up? I understand that they have to cater to their audience but instead of repeating the same scroll bar giving us Obama’s schedule for the day it would be nice to some updates about anything else.

Or perhaps some analysis regarding something of actual import. Instead of giving us the history of the bible that he was sworn in on, or the head’s up that the vice-presidential oath is different than the president’s oath (it’s almost like they are two different positions); perhaps a history of those oaths. Most of the time it just felt like they were bored and needed to fill the air time. For a news channel that has been accused of being way too excited about this man, they had a alot of drivel today.

The press isn’t important in and of itself. They are only important as far as the stories they report and the interviews they do. That’s it, they don’t have the importance they think they do. Let’s see if they still soft ball questions and refuse to attack blatantly indefensible positions like Jim Lehrer did with Dick Cheney the other day.

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