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Scare Tactic

Driving East on the I-90 from the Pennsylvania border to Buffalo you drive through an Indian Reservation and pass a large group of billboards. The billboards are placed within a couple feet of the road as the law governing the barrier between road and advertisement does not apply. The billboards themselves are nothing spectacular, the usual assortment of laser eye surgeries and cash 4 gold, except for one.

It’s an advertisement for the Eternal Gospel Church, a Florida based Adventist church. The billboard states that Saturday is the Lord’s Day, that the antichrist changed it to Sunday, thus giving readers the impression that if you observe the traditional Sabbath on Sunday you are falling victim to the antichrist’s evil plot. The only other thing completely readable is the website, <a href=”http://www.eternalgospel.com/” target=”_blank”>eternal gospel.com</a>

Being somewhat familiar with odd Christian sects I was puzzled at the billboard’s claim that Sunday was the wrong day as I am led to believe that almost all Christian divisions, sects, etc observe the Lord’s day as being the seventh day of the week, thus Sunday. For the billboard to claim that this was a mistake I knew would have to be a careful and purposeful interpretation of out of context Biblical quotes. Just like how the post millenial dispensationalists divorce the book of Daniel from its historical context and pretend that it foretells the end of the world.

I decided to look up the website and check out this reasoning. I thought it might be dizzying with its logic. I was surprised to see that nowhere on the website does it explain why it is Saturn’s Day and not Sun’s Day that is the true Sabbath. I, being the inquisitive sort, decided to look it up.

I won’t bore you with the details of the controversy itself (it’s a bunch of Bible passages, some historical trivium regarding the early Christian Church, the practices and beliefs of Judaism, and dead cult practices), but I was curious about this lack on their website. The attempt of the billboard was to scare people into paying attention.

It’s not that people are just wrong in observing this day on Sunday, it is that they are the unwitting tools of the antichrist. The first thing they are going to look for on the website is for this proof of how they have been used. Instead they get some disaster news and links to their newsletter.

What a bunch of horseshit. Furthermore how can the antichrist change something when he/she/it has not come yet? Traditional end of the world christian theologies all agree that the antichrist’s arrival signifies the beginning of the end, so I guess it has a time machine too.

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