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I guess the alleged fawning over the president was set aside for the 24 News Channels’ thirst for stories. Or maybe it was the desire to print/air something, anything, bad about the president that wasn’t of actual importance.

In case you missed it, on Thursday, President Obama was on The Tonight Show and made a deprecating joke about his ability to bowl. He made mention that his skills were on par with the Special Olympics, which prompted the White House Press Secretary to issue an apology before the show even aired.

The press, in their infinite wisdom, decided to choose this comment to focus on, because as we all know making quips that some may find offensive is more news worthy than all the New Deal-ish legislation he is trying to pass, the possible border war with Mexico that is making the wall seem like a good idea, or the giant volcano on the verge of eruption in Alaska.

What really bothered me about the “story” was that Rochester Channel 9 News trotted out a mentally retarded bowler who was claiming to be outraged at the comment and then challenged the president to a match. The president already said he sucked, so what would the match actually prove? Nothing we and the president don’t already know.

It’s like listening to the assholes on XBOX live telling me I suck and wanting to play one on one.* Am I really supposed to believe that this mentally handicapped individual was really offended? Sorry but I am too cynical to believe this.

Furthermore, it’s not as if anyone listened to the nutjobs that yelled at Bush when he commented that both him and the Governator were powerful men that didn’t have a great command of the English language so why do I have to listen to this alleged outrage?

In my opinion, and a theory that I am slowly developing, it seems as though news sources are beginning to tell us what we should care about rather than reporting the things that we care about. We should ignore the continuing decline of the economy and all the strife, instead focusing on a trite and inane story that only a PC thug thinks matters.

*Which pretty much tells you the level of intelligence for most of the denizens of XBOX Live.

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