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Iran, So Far Away…

I changed the profile pic on my facebook page to green thingy that is going around the internet. Yes, I suckered myself in to believing that by placing a green box with the slogan “where is their vote” will somehow do something. As if the Ayatolla is going to stumble upon my page and think, “well shit, Allah be praised we must void the election results.” I’m not stupid, but it’s not the difference that it makes, it’s just my vain attempt to try and be part of it.

Iran is erupting, our president is greying, and for some reason I am supposed to give a shit about Letterman’s joke, a state senator’s aide’s email, and a Nevada senator cheating on his wife.* My usual bitch about CNN et al., can rest aside this time because today was odd. With all of the reporters confined to their hotel rooms or exiled from the country they had to do something. To their credit, they did try and cover the protest. They received two lessons today: the first being that an oppressive government with strict media controls really does have a loose grasp on information in the age of information. The second was how completely unnecessary they apparently are as the news footage was all shot on camera phones and webcams. Really I think the day of the international reporter is seriously being reconsiderred by some bigwigs at these news agencies.

Then the focus was on the president’s response, and man has this job at this time aged him. First off, I think the president is correct in his “let’s stay the fuck out of this shit” policy. The reason “Death to America” is written on the side of their buildings is because is the CIA usurped a previous election in 1979 to get the pro-US Shah in power and not let Communist forces, or whatever USSR puppets they were fearing take control of the country. We don’t need to be seen as having done that again.

Think about it this way: if we hadn’t made enemies of the Iranians in 1979 we wouldn’t have supported Iraq and it’s thug of a leader named Saddam Hussein in the 80s. Which has the possibility of not leading us down the road of one Gulf War, a decade of making sure he wasn’t stepping out of line, a second Gulf War then occupation/rebuilding and whatever the next step is going to be. Especially after the speech he gave in Cairo it would be pretty hypocritical of the president to fully endorse the uprising.

I should note that I am 100% for the uprising. The current president of Iran, Mahmoud “crazy pants” Ahmadenijad (I’m just not looking that up) isn’t even the real power of Iran. It’s the ruling council of Clerics led by the Ayatollah. The president does see to the affairs of the coutry but both the military and the elections are controlled by this group. In 2001, a little paid attention to student protest happened in Iran wherein they demanded greater control of their fate. It was repressed and the media skipped it because it had larger issues to cover, like setting scenes of 9/11 attacks to music from the band Live. The young people in Iran seem to want Democracy and a majority of them are under 30. I hope they take it.

It’s sad to see one of the greatest powers of the Classical world be controlled by religious extremists, maybe they can realize this, maybe they can change it.

*Really!? Color me surprised that a Senator from the state where Las Vegas is has cheated on his wife. It would be like finding out that a New Orleans politician was corrupt.

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