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Obama’s “Murder”

On the one hand, I know it’s a stupid publicity move; but on the other hand I can commend them for at least being consistent with their policy. PETA, the radical fringe of the Vegetarians, has admonished the president because he killed a fly during a CNBC interview with John Harwood. You probably don’t know the story because so much actual news has been surprisingly broadcast on the networks that this story received a brief blurb on MSNBC before they returned to the question of whether or not N. Korea was going to try and nuke us.

One of my perpetual complaints about the Vegetarians, is that they seem to be awfully selective when it comes to which animals they fight for. They aren’t going for numbers, they go for public appeal. So they protest Seal clubbing, hog farms, cow farms, leather, fur, etc. These are animals and animal issues that people are aware of, but represent a infinitesmally small fraction of the number of animals in a specific kingdom of the animals that are killed each year: the insects.

Insects make up more of the biological mass of the planet than anything else, they also die and are killed at a much faster rate. You don’t however see PETA protesting the factory that makes RAID, or the factory that makes cockroach traps, or protesting the type of pesticide that is used at farms in order to keep producing vegetables so that we do have something to eat even if we decide to only eat vegetables, fruits, and other “non-living” things. It’s nice to see that PETA actually tried to do something about it by sending an “ethical” flytrap to the Whitehouse.

This type of flytrap allows the owner to catch the fly then release it outside. Of course this removes the “2nd degree murder” of the fly (because there was no pre-meditation) and instead relegates the deaths of those flies to “negligent homicide” as the owner would have to check on the trap frequently to make sure that the insects didn’t starve to death or get killed by other predators that are inside this box of death.

I feel bad for vegetarians because PETA is their loudest spokesperson, just like I feel bad when Christians get lumped in with Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell. Most vegetarians I have known are reasonable and understand that the choice is one that they have made for themselves. When PETA decides that in the interest of free publicity they will call the president a murderer because he swatted a fly with his bare hand (an impressive stunt by the way, now if he can do it with chopsticks I’ll be reall impressed), it really makes the rest of the Vegetarians look that much crazier.

For this entire article the word “Vegetarian” refers only to those people who are so because of personal choice and not because of medical or religious reasons

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