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Thoughts on town hall meetings

“It’s my right,” from so many of these town hall meetings that it’s tough to narrow it down.

Well it’s true that it is their right to ask the elected representatives questions regarding the health care debate, wouldn’t it be more productive if they actually waited for answers to their questions? It’s one thing to ask, and I’m not even going to attempt to degrade these people for being angry, that’s ok too; but in the thing we know as “civilization” a person is supposed to wait for an answer.

It’s also lamentable that most of these people aren’t asking questions based on knowledge instead basing their anger on what pundits have been telling them. There are no “death panels” and for the guy who didn’t want the federal government interfering with his medicare…well that’s just plain ignorance. I think that it’s nice and uplifting that people are getting so involved in government–it’s about freekin time–although I wish it were the younger people and not the people that already vote.

I guess my biggest complaint over what is becoming a debacle, comes from the several idiot reporters from Fox News who were remarking that from what they have seen the meetings and the protesters have been polite and civil. You are supposed to be in the news industry or are you just not paying attention anymore?

Of course this is a tie with the liberals who think that this is just typical of Conservatives. Apparently your memory isn’t that long. I seem to remember a liberal protester throwing a pie at Ann Coulter when she was giving a speech (as per the general aim of the left the woman missed) and I also remember several people interrupting the State of the Union address by President Bush.

Then there is this cartoon, which I would add but the poster, Deadmoneywalking, has titled it as being used without permission (I’ll let you take the heat). I remember the conservatives all claiming that the liberals were manufacturing their war protests several years ago, now to hear the liberals claim that the conservatives are doing the same makes me laugh. How cyclical history must be. However  as I said then I repeat now, it doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t matter because people are allowed to do it. There is nothing in the Constitution that says we must have two political parties in power, people just organize under common beliefs and banners. If one of those groups wants to organize or “manufacture” protests that is their perogative. The only thing that said manufacturing doesn’t do is affect polls or consensus. Let people think that there are more of them doing it than there really are, we can all thank/blame them next november when the election cycle rolls around again.

I would just like to know whether Glen Beck actually has read the 1,100 page document or if he just likes to pull little items out of context in order to fire up his audience.

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