Spider Mouse

Marvel is bought by Walt Disney Corporation, and while it certainly is interesting news I can’t say that I have any emotional reaction. I had been a fan of Marvel comics for a long time, never really caring for the unsurprising and always predictable Superman nor for the infinite variations of the “Crisis on Infinite Earth” series that DC used to eat up issues in the 90s when it wasn’t pretending to kill Superman and Batman. Marvel comics always seemed to be the better bet character.

Namely because the writing was better. Batman had the motivation of revenge, which is cliched for everyone else, but for Batman well he kind of set the mold on that. Superman, doesn’t really have a motive other than being a holier than though douchebag. But the Marvel heroes ran different, they had psychological issues that went further than DC’s two posterboys. Spiderman had the guilt thing, and while the Punisher also had revenge his drive bordered on sociopathic behaviour. It was just better reading.

Now Disney owns Marvel, a comic company that despite introducing several characters into the pop-culture lexicon that some people don’t even know that they were comic books almost bankrupted itself in the later 90s with a focus on gimmick covers and too expansive story lines. DC didn’t help the comic industry as a whole by promising to kill off Superman bringing him back several issues later in a criminally bad story series that eventually resulted in the Shaquille O’Neal movie “Steel.*”

The nerds are all in a twitter because of this news. “Seriously, this will be epic fail
 [sic]. How can Disney not totally fark up Marvel beyond all possibility of recognition,”
says vsavatar on Fark.com. If I can remember in a few months I’ll email him and ask how marvel is doing and if he can still recognize it. This way when he sees that nothing has principally changed I can remind him of his words.

The problem for me is that these people are mostly fans of the movies and not the comics and to get Disney’s bank is actually a good thing. It’s not like the whiners aren’t the same people that were lining up for the Pirate movies.

And for all of you other people, you anti-conformist idiots that think Disney will whitewash wolverine into some kiddie comic book, guess what? Marvel has been selling those for years. You people gave up on Marvel years ago for being too mainstream, going instead toward Valiant, Vertigo, and Dark Horse comics because they were edgier. Stan Lee’s going to emeritus at Marvel until the end of his days, Ironman, Spiderman, won’t be encountering mickey mouse anymore than they already have (and it’s not like Mickey mouse actually does anything in the Disney world anyway). Get over your nerd rage.

*I would link to IMDB’s entry for that movie but it’s so bad that it’s even on par with Battlefield Earth, and the iconic Howie Long vehicle Firestorm in terms of suck. Not seeing this movie does the world good.

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