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30 Rock/Whedonites

Rant the first: I just don’t think I’m going to watch 30 Rock out of spite. Everyone I hear is telling me that I should really be watching this show, but I didn’t watch Arrested Development and look what happened to it, it became a cult classic that lasted only three seasons and never once jumped the shark* into mediocrity, then annoyance, then the sappy ‘I’m only watching the series finale because i used to watch it all the time.” So please all media stop asking me to watch the show as soon as I do it will go downhill, and If I just wait for the network to kill it on its own then you will have a great show that you can brag to me about how “you’ve been watching since season 1” and I get to pretend I’m impressed.

Rant the Second: It has been brought to my attention that some “fans” of the show True Blood are trying to petition someone via the internet to get Joss Whedon (“director,” “writer” of Buffy the Vampire Slayer) to direct/write an episode. Now I just used quotes in three times in the first sentence to make three points two of which are an objective analysis of Whedon’s “talent.”

First off the guy can’t direct, this is evident from the only movie he’s ever done which was based on a television show no one watched called Firefly. The movie was poorly directed to the point where IMDB comments point this out frequently even by fans of his who say that for a first time director it doesn’t matter that the movie seemed off, because it’s Whedon’s. Well this is the blind faith most reserved for religious zealots, it might have been his first movie but it certainly wasn’t his first time directing. How long was that shitty show on television? And then it’s sequel and still you idiots have the nerve to tell me that Firefly was his first time directing? Is it ignorance, stupidity, or what?

Secondly he can’t write. I mean, yeah, people give him the credit of “he writes how people talk” as if writing in a fifth grade vocabulary is somehow laudable. I’ve said it before, the flippancy kills all of his projects. It’s one thing to have the tough guy character in a sci-fi show, but when your character is stereotypical anime tough guy, it looks less and less like you are trying and just playing to a preset demographic that you know will see your projects no matter how far to the bottom of the barrel you have scraped.

People also claim that he has some creative ability in regard to creating concepts and ideas…yeah but so does George Lucas and look where we are with him. It’s not like there is anything new in Whedon’s world that makes him adept for True Blood. All he did was take the normal cliches of vampires and place them in a centralized location. Apparently sunny california was the best place for vampires to live.

The other problem is that True Blood operates in a different universe than any of Whedon’s projects. That may seem obvious but I don’t mean that the HBO series doesn’t have Hellmouths and such. I mean that True Blood operates in a universe of cause and effect. It doesn’t have Giles to give us a deus ex machina of extreme psychological denial to explain why nobody notices that twenty or so high school students were murdered. It also doesn’t solely exist in one town, and it has plausible explanations for why things were happening in one town.

Finally if you are a fan of this show you don’t want this. You only want this because you want Whedon to work on a project that has popular acclaim and not niche; because critics actually give favorable attention to it not relegating it to the fringe sci-fi subcultures where I’m not even sure he belongs.

*Sidebar: when the fuck did “www.jumptheshark.com” become a tv guide blog? Doesn’t the invisible hand of the internet regulate it’s most sacrosanct sites?

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