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Xenu and the Aliens

I haven’t discussed Scientology in a long time. Probably not since I did two lectures on it when I was teaching Philosophy of Religion back in 2006. This was during the controversy concerning South Park, Chef, and the episode “Trapped in the Closet;” where Stan is determined to be the reincarnation of Scientology founder and sci-fi hack writer L. Ron Hubbard. Apparently Isaac Hayes felt that the show had gone to far in insulting a religion, which I thought was odd since they have spent their entire career insulting everything including religion (I guess he missed the episode where they lampooned the Passion of the Christ). Then we found out that the press release was in error and Hayes never intended to quit the show to begin with but only took some time off…or whatever.

The odd thing is that whenever I post something about Scientology I always get an immediate anonymous response from someone who is defending the religion and telling me that I have it wrong. No response I ever write gets answered and I in the three or four times I have talked about the religion my response to the anonymous comment has always been, “what exactly do I have wrong?” Opinions, by their ontological nature cannot be wrong so I never retract those, and any facts that I post I do so to the best of my ability. If the occasion occurs that I have something wrong and it’s pointed out to me then I will post something in my comments stating the error and correcting it. So the fact that my responses never get answered is puzzling to me. I’m apparently wrong, but no one ever wants to point out specifically what it is that is wrong.

Which brings me to this interview. It’s been making it’s way across the internet today, and since the only thing I hate more than religious fundamentalism are religious cults I decided to post it as well. The clip shows Martin Bashir asking a question about the beliefs of Scientology to Tommy Davis who is head of the celebrity center of the religion.* By now we all probably know that Hubbard wrote of an intergalactic war, space ghosts trapped in a volcano, and nuclear weapons having to do with the origin of the religion. This is the story that is circulated on the internet, that South Park episode, and the essence of the question that Bashir asks.

Davis quickly becomes insulted calling the story “a perversion.” Which causes Bashir to ask the question again and Davis gets upset and leaves. Davis has some explaining to do, and right here was the perfect opportunity to do it, but the blame also has to go to Bashir who should have changed the question. At 5:19 Bashir explains why he is asking the question then proceeds to asking the question again at which point Davis leaves. Davis warned him that would happen, but what would have happened if Bashir had inquired as to what exactly the “perversion” was?

Davis becomes evasive, but he never calls the story a lie. He never explains what it is that is wrong. The orcs in Middle Earth were perverted elves. In order for something to be perverted there has to be a fact which becomes twisted and mocked until something new is formed. If Bashir was interviewing a Catholic asking him if he believed that Easter was “Zombie-Jesus Day,” which can be found on the internet I think there is even a facebook page for it, and the Catholic responded that this was a perversion. It would be like the same situation in the interview except that I don’t think a Catholic would have any trouble explaining why “Zombie-Jesus Day” is a perversion of the truth according to their religion.

If the accusation of Xenu, the aliens, the DC-8s, and the Volcanoes are twistings of the truth then what is the truth oh future Scientologist Commenter? Help me out, help your religion out, because your public face seems to be occupied by a bunch of jackasses lately.

*Which is an odd thing itself as it must be the only religion that has a celebrity center.

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