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The Public Option

At this point it feels like complaining that the Democratic party is weak and ineffective would be like complaining that it snows in the winter. It’s a foregone conclusion that they couldn’t pass a water to the thirsty.

They have control over every facet of the federal government that they can possibly control and their biggest enemy is still themselves. Is this the party that people actually want as an opposition to the GOP? No matter how vitriolic the left is about the right, it is no more than the roar of the Cowardly Lion. I for one feel rather cheated, I voted for the president with healthcare being the number one issue and it seems to be the issue that he cannot muster his party to press forward on. I don’t want ‘sort of’ change, I want actual change, and his party simply can’t deliver it.

Last night, as a compromise, the senate removed the public option from the healthcare overhaul bill. The public option was intended to inject competition into an industry where competition really doesn’t exist. It’s not a monopoly, as there are many choices of insurance out there but its not exactly free market since in order to get decent medical coverage you need to pay their insurance rates or have an employer willing to do it for you. The cost has been going up and the coverage has been going down. The public option was supposed to remedy this.

Instead health insurance companies are now going to be overseen by the agency in charge of overseeing federal employees’ plans which brings me no comfort whatsoever. Who exactly does this compromise serve? It seems that the only reason that it was done was to get the Democratic votes on a Democratic bill.

I’ve said numerous time already this year, you never saw this problem on the other end of the aisle. You still don’t. The Republican party is against it, and they all line up casting their votes united. It is as predictable as gravity. If the Democrats had half the leadership of the GOP you would already see a vastly different bill than the one that was changed last night. It really should not be a wonder that I am not a Democrat.

Although there does seem to be something happening in the party. Something that most of the Democratic party will not like. Reading article after article regarding the issue I was angered at the fact that they have the gall to pat themselves on the back for being the ineffective effeminate tools that they are. They seem to be living off the very life support that they are unwilling to support and perhaps it is time for someone to pull the plug on them.

The party needs to be dissolved. I said last year before the presidential election that if Obama lost the party was finished, but I seem to have been wrong. It appears that they are done anyway since, in the words of George Patton, “America won’t abide a loser.” Splitting the party down a line between the left “Progressives” and the center left “Moderates” would give the country new choices. This of course would make the GOP the largest, and thus most powerful, party in the country but at least then it would make sense when its opposition can’t agree with itself. You could have the “Progressives” issue bills like a single payer healthcare bill and then the moderates completely neuter it and it wouldn’t be as frustrating because it would be a three party system. Compromising with others is the mark of good politics, compromising with yourself is selling out.

Remembering back to the Senate/House elections of 2006 there were some on the Left who said that the ideal for them is not a Republican president and Democratic legislature, it was Democrats controlling everything this way they could slam through the programs they wanted. Well I wonder what those people are saying now?* All this so-called party is doing right now is feeding the GOP ad machine for next year’s Senate races. Here I’ll write up the slogan for them free of charge, “X’ couldn’t even get their own bill through their own House/Senate, is this the hope you voted for?”

*And if I could remember who they were I would be able to tell you.

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