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Time for my yearly self-indulgent post

Ah the birthday, the only time of year I don’t feel guilty about writing one of these posts as just filler to meet my self-imposed quota of four per week…which I haven’t broken this year yet. Tomorrow is the big day, the big day that I turn 31.

The thing about 31 is that it is a lot like turning 22. It’s just not that important. It’s the big nothing, the only thing left is the downward slide, the dreaded point in which a person turns 40 then 50 then etc. I’m not down in any respect but it seems that turning this new age and still keeping the fervor for the annual birthday celebration takes more effort this year than it has in the past. Oh well, as long as I keep figuring out a way to do it, I’ll just keep doing it and then explain the next morning to little Gwen that daddy has “the special sickness.”

I guess the best birthday present would have been the Sabres beating the Ottawa Senators at least once this season, but that has to wait until March. It’s getting to the point where I am turning into a conspiracy theorist regarding the games (seriously, where was the overhead camera last night I don’t even care it that ruled that it wasn’t a goal but it’s lack is very suspicious).

I’ll take the fact that great Tea-Party convention has turned into a complete quagmire as those running it have turned it into a for profit event, to the point where even the loudest voices in the movement Sarah Palin and Michelle Malkin canceled their speaking engagements. The problem with grass roots is that eventually you have to take a lawnmower to it.

In second place I’ll take the fact that fark.com is purposely flooding MTV’s Jersey Shore poll in an attempt to make the second season take place in Detroit. As one farker commented, “They don’t call it the murder mitten for nothing!” I voted, did you?

Those are the birthday presents that Fortune has bestowed upon me. I think this year, I’ll take those as being equal to the Guinness that I will drink tomorrow night.

I think it strange when I explain to people that my current beard is a “cold weather” thing. I don’t know what they were expecting but it can’t be that they think that I think I look good like this. I know I don’t, but it is a bit warmer in the cold wind than otherwise, it also seems more honest than just maintaining perpetual scruffiness. It’s also why I don’t wear one year round, only during the winter, and during Sabres’ playoff runs.

I found the perfect DMV, it’s by my alma mater and it rules because there was no line. Which was nice since i had only two days to renew my license. I also didn’t get the special license that allows you to cross the border with Canada. This is because it just doesn’t come up given the fact that I have no reason to go to Canada. If I did, I’d have a passport.

Here’s to one more year.

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