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I Guess It’s Going to Be UB

The real plus of the whole situation is that the decision was pretty much made for me. There was the potential for a difficulty of choosing University of Rochester or Buffalo, but that’s all changed now. Today I received the rejection letter from the University of Rochester.

What i noticed is that the letter is obviously a form letter. It was the same as last year and eerily similar to the one that I received from University of Maryland. I guess someone figured out that if you make the letter as generic as possible and then give the reason for rejection as being, “there were far more applicants for the positions that we had available” people would shrug their shoulders and understand. Well, I don’t know about the rest of the population but I am not so satisfied.

I applied to four programs, spent over 250 dollars in application fees, not to mention the money it took the damn GRE company to release MY scores to the Universities and all they can tell me is that there were more applicants than positions. Someone should tell me something about why I was rejected. The anonymity of the whole thing ironically makes me take it personally. This is just as bad as when you interview three times for a job and then you are never contacted when they decide on someone else.

Some of the stuff is obviously going to be beyond my ability to improve. I can’t very well retake that albatross of Advanced Logic to improve the C, I received. Still I would like to know if it involved my writing sample, or my subject interest within the discipline. Am I applying to the wrong schools? None of these questions get answered because the schools don’t want to address them for each student. Although I guess I could try and figure it out, maybe they do respond to personal inquiries.

In short, I have a 25% success rate. Four schools, one acceptance. In the long run it does make it a tad easier for the decision, but it would have been nice to have the options.

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