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One from the Left and One from the Right

It’s been an explosive weekend for batshit conspiracy accusations. Both having to do with ordinary natural events given a much more sinister explanation than is necessary. I’m happy to announce that I can get one from each end of the political spectrum’s choice of media for this, NPR and Fox News, which makes me both giddy (as a blogger) and sad (as a human being).

A coin toss has determined that we start on the left side of rainbow and get to the right later in the week.

Taking a long car ride to my parent’s house on Friday I listened to the Diane Rehm show on the local NPR station. It’s a round table discussion with three guests and the host, Rehm, who sounds like she’s on the wrong end of being centennial. Her picture suggests that she’s much younger than she sounds, but I digress. The Friday show is the one that I listen to because I’m usually driving in the car for a long period of time, but it’s also the political news round-up where they spend one hour on domestic and the next on foreign affairs. As far as I can tell the panelists are pretty well balanced, it’s better than Real Time and most of the discussion goes to the issue rather than the color celebrity’s batshit crazy opinion, and there isn’t an entirely left wing studio audience to make the right wing guests feel uncomfortable.

The problem for the show occurs when they open that air for phone calls from the listeners. It is consistent that there must be one crazy person to call in and this week was no disappointment. The caller asked about some of the recent natural events, Earthquakes in Haiti, Peru, China, and the Eyjafjallajokull* eruption, the caller believed that global warming was to blame.

I’m all for conservation of resources, recycling, environmentalism, and such. I’ve mentioned it many times before and stand by it. It’s tough some times but I like to way the balance of doing what I feel is good for the planet as being more important than my convenience. However, I am not a fan of Al Gore’s movie nor am I a panic-driven doomsayer. More than being a neophyte environmentalist, I am a skeptic who believes in the rational. The scientific method will always trump my desire to believe things.

Also, I am not any of the following: geologist, meteorologist, seismologist, climatologist. I do have some knowledge however of how the planet works and can honestly say that Earthquakes are the result of plate tectonics and not weather. Just because the quality of the quakes has ramped up a bit, and I’m not even sure that they have, is not indicative of changes in the global temperature as a result of pollution. “We” are not responsible for the shifting of plate tectonics, nor for the pressure build up that results in the eruption of a volcano that is probably named after one of the creatures guarding Norse Hel (and that is spelled correctly). Now I see that MSNBC (who else?) is putting articles on their website saying that this is the case.

To their credit, they are at least finding scientists to make claims. Even though they are claiming that the current eruption of Eyjafjallajokull cannot, because the volcano is too small to be affected. They also miss the words “apparently” and “could be” as weasel words that cover the author’s ass in case they are wrong.

The great irony is that it is mother nature herself that is contributing to global warming since this huge cloud of ash, which is shutting down air traffic from England to Africa, will have the same effect as all that smoke coming from coal power plants, SUVs, and cow farms. It’s like trying to save the Panda, damn thing won’t save itself so at what point do we just quit?

*Here’s a fun fact, I have yet to hear one anchor or reporter even attempt this name.

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