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Retraction (?)

A couple of years ago I was at a party where I was forced to admit that I was wrong about something. The issue wasn’t important only that people found it shocking that I admitted that I was wrong, which to me is shocking since I have no problem doing it, it just happens so infrequently that it may only appear that I have trepidation in admitting it.

Since most of this blog for the last 5+ years has been opinion oriented it’s hard to pin down a specific post as being incorrect. However last week, in commenting about the “bomb” in Time Square, I remarked how I felt that there could be no way that this was the work of a terrorist group since any group worth its salt would know that the “bomb” in the van could not explode in any meaningful way. I even said that this wasn’t up to the par of domestic militias and other protesters. Seriously, this is just a van with a bunch of stuff in it, a bunch of stuff that if it weren’t on fire at the time probably would be deemed as just clutter. I’ve driven around a car containing a propane tank and a can of gasoline before (no fertilizer, but that was only apparent after the police had opened the vehicle).

All of that can be taken back now, I admit it I was wrong. The BBC is reporting that Faisal Shazad, the leading suspect in the attempted bombing, had ties to the Pakistani Taliban and the US State Department is alleging that he at least operated with their instruction if not their direction. I remember that this same group claimed responsibility last week, immediately after the bombing but were scoffed at because, it was claimed that they didn’t have the resources to accomplish it.

To which I agree, they apparently don’t have the resources to accomplish it, but they do have the resources to attempt it. I do maintain my stance that this was the lamest bomb attack I’m aware of, not only were the contents of the vehicle in requirement of a very specific set of circumstances to create the desired explosion but also that the idiot left his keys in the car. Granted, it’s hard to pull a finger print off the contents of an exploded bomb, but maybe if was able to get back in the car he could have set the thing off. It’s also curious why this person had an escape plan to begin with as most of the car bombers from the fundamentalist monotheistic groups tend to be martyrs? What’s the matter Shazad? Did you sleep through that part too?


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