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Saturday evening, or Sunday morning, my little family and I are going to take a week long camping trip in Alleghany State Park. One of the state funded institutions that the governor was set to shut down because of cost. Of course in the Winter this is true since they have little to no visitors, but in the Summer it actually adds to the revenue stream of the State. Attempting to take the little monkey on her first camping trip out to be an adventure in itself, as there will be plenty of rocks and bugs for her to eat.

I will be off of the writing for a week, but I will still try and hammer out one more Twilight post before I leave. Here’s the strange thing about the Twilight posts that I have learned from people via facebook. On average no one comments on them. The main site for the posts: http://reading-twilight.blogspot.com has one comment on it in the many months that I have been writing it. Most of the people that read it, probably read it through facebook by hitting “read more” underneath the opening few lines. Every couple posts or so, I get a comment from a family member that says something along the line of “you have too much time on your hands” or “you need a hobby.”

Which I find rather ironic since those messages are usually buried underneath thirty updates an hour about their “farmville,” “cafe world,” AND “mafia world” requests for friends/loot or whatever it is that people need in those games. Concerning the latter is odd because writing these posts obviously IS my hobby. It’s like certain people are scared of writing, or reading, or something…I wish I could understand what the problem is that prompts those types of posts. Not that there really is any chance that those types of comments are going to get me to stop writing. That’s just crazy talk.

Back to the camping…we’ve got our supplies cataloged and the clothing ready. As well as the entertainment. There is some confusion about the concept of the purpose of camping and how we go about doing so in regard to conveniences from the modern age. With Gwendolyn, we obviously can’t go completely 9th century, bringing only a large knife, some flint, and insulation from the elements. The question remains as to how modern can we bring things without losing the appeal of living in cabin in the forest for a week?

We may want to bring music, so the choice becomes: do we bring the cd player and the large binder of cds (500 or so) which takes up considerable space and weight or do we bring the laptop with a good deal of music on it which takes up less space and weight but brings with it a whole slew of problems regarding the invasion of technology (I should note that cell phone and internet access will be void so those aren’t issues in this case). We don’t want to sit around staring at the computer for several hours each day but is that different from bringing books?

I’m bringing three books; “On Divination,” “Candide,” and “The History of the Peloponnesian War.” All of great interest to me for which, if left alone, I could spend all day reading them. I understand not wanting to be reliant on the electric screen for distraction but the paper screen in token is not really that different. In either case, we shall not have the time since chasing Gwen is a full time job.

Aside from tomorrow’s Twilight Post, we shall see you next week.

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