Wonder Woman

This story has been making the nerd news recently so in lieu of anything else happening that I feel can sustain an entire post (this is the third time today) I thought I would give it my interpretation. Although, as I have said on numerous occasions before I am not a fan of DC comics, never have been. I may own three of their issues, and they are the three that anyone collecting comics in the mid 90s should have, the Death of Superman, the Rebirth of Superman, and the incapacitation of Batman. I say “may” because there are probably several others but they were either gifts or I acquired them at comic shows as promotional items. Note: I don’t count Vertigo as being part of the DC universe.

Wonder Woman as a character is largely foreign to me. I’ve seen her on the old Justice League television show, caught some of the reruns from the Linda Carter live action, and the last time was when Carter donned the costume and ran out of the David Letterman show (many years ago). It’s difficult for me to really care about the character or the costume that many people are feeling amounts to the biggest treachery since a flop eared space monkey appeared in Episode 1: The Phantom Menace. This is nothing of the kind.

The new costume is pretty different. That’s not unsettling though, what is is the reaction of it by people like Gloria Steinmen, “I don’t have a big issue with jeans versus skirt–though jeans gives us the idea that only pants can be powerful–tell that to Greek Warriors and Sumo Wrestlers.”

Obviously she does have an issue if she brought it up. The idea that replacing the flashy poodle skirt with jeans means that you have to wear pants in order to be considered strong is ridiculous. The proof of that is in her own comment, Greek Warriors didn’t wear pants and more often that not the villains that both Wonder Woman and the numerous other superheroes in all comic universes are also wearing pants as well. Redesigning the costume of Wonder Woman is much over due since unlike other DC characters she has remained largely unchanged since 1941 where her costume is essentially the American flag wrapped around her Greek body. Given the fact that any comic character in existence in the 1940s were fighting both Nazis and/or the Japanese she was another symbol of patriotism…back in 1941.

However Steinem has another issue with the pants she’s wearing, “and though in fact, they’re so tight that they’ve just painted her legs blue; hardly a cover-up.

I don’t know, but aren’t pants more concealing than a loose skirt? Millions of anime fans can’t be wrong (about this, not a great deal many other things) when they clamor for their sex kitten characters in pleated school skirts and really if she’s going to complain about the tightness of the pants she must exist in some negative zone where no other characters exist in comics. All characters are wearing clothing so tight that they have to sewn on. It makes the characters easier to draw since what you are essentially seeing is the naked figure painted.

However, some of the other complaints (also shared by Steinem) are in the changing of the origin story. No longer is there a hidden tribe of Amazons. Wonder Woman is the last, saved as an infant from the destruction of Paradise Island. Which, Steinem, complains gives her no place to form strong storylines and inspire readers. Of course, being able to flee back home when things get difficult to retrain is much much less inspiring than a lost orphan who must learn everything on her own.

I do share in the complaint that this story almost exactly the same as Superman’s, but we know the difference right? It’s not as if the character was just a female Superman to begin with, right?

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