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The Leak

This is a pretty big deal, but not for the reasons that most people think. By now, you probably now about the massive leak of papers (about 90k pages) regarding the war in Afghanistan that occurred yesterday, but that everyone knew was coming for a couple of weeks. I guess they knew, someone knew…it doesn’t matter they are out there now. I spent two hours yesterday flicking through them trying to find out the big deal about the papers.

I should state firmly right now, that this isn’t the Pentagon Papers that the New York Times released during the Vietnam War. These papers aren’t nearly on the scale of what those revealed, nor is it evidence of a broad range indictment that the President (or the former, I forget who exactly is against this war now) screwed up this conflict.

The release of the papers feels more like someone broke into my apartment and rearranged my furniture. It was done, it’s odd, it’s unsettling, but there isn’t any harm. You have to understand that all of these documents are past tense. They represent secret field reports after incident. Nothing can be gleaned from them by the average person that will say what will happen. Let me say this unequivocally, if the Taliban were anything but below average they wouldn’t be in the fucking Taliban. It’s time we start ridiculing these people.

I’ve read reports on the following: suspected IED device verification, retraction of a request for air support, drone launching, report of an assassination by Taliban forces of some Afghani politician, a successful convoy run, a localized firefight that was “green on blue.” (which I figured out means friendly fire between one of our NATO allies and us, this is all based on the idea that Blue=US, Green=Foreign Allies, and White=civilians or Afghanis the papers don’t provide a vocabulary list). The Pentagon and numerous others have stated that this is nothing new. They are the official reports of what has been already reported.

All of that having been stated there is a danger that Sen. Fred Thompson and former director of the CIA (Hays, or something he was being interviewed on Thomspon’s radio show) were discussing. The fact that this leak represents a lack of the government’s ability to keep something labeled “secret” secret. That’s quite disturbing in itself. Intelligence leaks are unfortunately nothing new, but the size and scope of this makes it much more. Of course if this was 20 years ago we would have to wonder how it was done, but now all of that fits nice and easy into the amount of space allocated to the RAM on my cellphone. Don’t you just love the technology age?

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