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Building the Mosque

If a group of Muslims wants to build a Mosque in New York City who is to say that they shouldn’t? Surely the modern Conservative movement that all of the sudden wants more freedoms, limited government, and a return to Constitutional principles couldn’t be saying that. I mean, that would be the very definition of hypocrisy. Public funds won’t be going into the building, the Bill of Rights protects the religious from persecution, and no one is being harmed in the construction of the building so how is it that this is an issue worth considering?

Yeah, the Christian Right is going to be opposed, but they are always going to be opposed to the building of a Mosque anywhere so they really don’t count any more than they already do…which is too much, but I digress. Sure the American Center for Law and Justice opposes it, but since they are merely a puppet organization for Pat Robertson we should probably ignore that as well.

I’m not exactly for the Mosque, but that’s because I’m not really for churches in general. Any ideology that praises subjection and servitude isn’t my cup of tea, but as far as opposing this I’m going to take the actual libertarian position and say, ‘whatever.’

Is this an insensitive decision by the people wanting to build it? Maybe, it depends on why they chose the site which I doubt was because it was near the site of the attacks. If it was then they are jerks but still within their rights to build whatever wherever they want. What most people are kind of missing is that they are building a community center with an attached Mosque, not just a Mosque. The important difference is that people tend to build community centers in already existing communities. It’s not like someone is going to build a Falcon Club in the middle of an Irish neighborhood. The people are already there so unless the opponents want to move an entire neighborhood I guess they are stuck with it.

The governor of New York is offering to find another place for it, but I ask the question: how far is far enough? If two blocks is too close, is three blocks far enough, four? If the Dome of the Rock and the Wailing Wall can exist within a mile of each other I should think that a community Center with a Muslim Mosque in it should be able to exist in the same city as the giant hole in the ground that used to be the World Trade Center.

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