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Shell Game

Remember several months ago when everyone was in an uproar about a private land transaction in New York City? It seemed that someone wanted to buy an old Burlington Coat Factory and turn it into a community center for Muslims that would include a prayer room, which by the definition of the religion, would be called a “Mosque.” This was an issue so apparently important to our national culture that it dominated 24 hour cable “news” channels, papers, appearing as a cover story in Time Magazine, and even caused candidates running for office to feel the need to weigh in on the issue. Then weeks after it broke everyone seemed to forget about the issue.

Over and over again the rationale for the seeming need to prevent this abomination to our free country was that we can’t allow Islam to plant a flag of victory so close to the site of the former World Trade Center which we all know was attacked by Islam at large because we all know that Islam is practiced by its followers in participation of one organization and not various sects and denominations. I believe it was Sarah Palin that called the Ground Zero, “hallowed ground” and thus could not be defiled by the presence of a Mosque. Even though the building in question was not actually in Ground Zero but two city blocks away.

My question at the time was how close is too close? The Right Wing argument was always that two blocks is insensitive. This statement is made without qualification and thus is to the point of being meaningless since the actual question has never been answered. If too close is two blocks then where is not “too close?” Comments were made on my initial post on the subject, to the extent that the lefties (and by association, myself) were too stupid to see that this is allowing victory for Islam more so than the giant hole in the ground that still exists.

In all of this one interesting fact has been overlooked: at 30 Cliff St, in New York city, about five blocks from the “sacred” site of Ground Zero a Mosque has just been opened. Not only that, but this building disproves entirely the Right Wing sentiment regarding the other Mosque, no Al-Qaeda propaganda has talked about it, not one person seems to be crying because it offends them, none of the effects which were predicted as being so offensive to Americans have actually happened. It is still within site of Ground Zero and our national image hasn’t suffered because of it.

The best part: the place opened in September, while the “outrage” was still strong. So when the new Trade Center is built it will have to build in the shadow of 30 cliff st’s, and possibly Park Place’s Mosques obviously showing that Islam has indeed won. The whole thing was probably just a shell game anyway, the devious Muslims. They generate the controversy on Park Place so they can slip in Cliff St without anyone noticing. Bravo my Muslim friends, bravo.

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