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That Almost Makes Sense…(The Twilight Walkthrough Pg. 390-403)

This week I became aware of something as I was reading, that I have made a mistake. Not an actual mistake, mind you, because it was something that I couldn’t have known given that I don’t read ahead in this book; but something I was questioning in the last update actually had an answer. We’ll get to that in a little bit, but for now we are outside of Bella’s house getting ready for their insane plan to usher Bella out of Forks so that she can be safe from the Tracker, James. Remember that their plan is to get Bella to convince Charlie to let her leave Forks tonight (Sunday) and head back to Phoenix where despite the fact that she has no job, is completely socially inept, and has no money she plans to get her own place.

After Emmet unbuckles her seat belt she tells Edward she loves him and then mentions that he ought not to listen to anything she is going to say afterward. I almost decided to do that myself, just to see the difference between Edward’s point of view and the story. Then I realized upon beginning that it would make no sense to do that since Edward never listens to her anyway. Sure he hears her words but he isn’t going to take orders from a woman, that’s crazy talk.

She runs in the house faking a cry and hysterics slamming the door. Charlie is understandably concerned and inquires whether or not Edward hurt her. When she replies no he asks what is wrong because he thought she liked him, “I do like him–that’s the problem…I don’t want to be trapped in this stupid, boring town like mom!”

Here’s my problem: she’s been in the town for nine months or so, and never once did she utter a peep about this. Now when she first moved she was regretful, which is normal. I have moved out of cities several times, and each time it was a sad occasion. Then I got over it, and Bella did too. I know that she is acting here, but her choice of lie is awfully transparent. Why not say that Edward emotionally hurt her? Given the context of their date Charlie probably wouldn’t question this being the impetus behind her emotional state. It doesn’t matter in the long run, because Charlie is a bad father and an idiot so he takes it in stride. Although he does make a brilliant suggestion one that I felt he ought to do last week, “Just wait another week,’ he pled still shell-shocked, ‘Renee will be back by then.

Bella’s stupid plan forgot one crucial detail: that her mother may not be prepared to have her back. I mean this was the reason she left in the first place right? Her mother’s boyfriend was a baseball player and they went on the road a lot. Given that we know baseball season is in full session Bella couldn’t anticipate the fact that at the current time her mother may be somewhere else–in this case Florida. Bella leaves anyway but not before hitting her father below the belt by aping the exact same lines that her mother used when she left him. Which is a horrible thing.

Not that she said it, I actually get that. She needed him to want her to go if only for an instant. The horrible thing is that she knew the exact wording that her mother used when she left. That must have been a good conversation, “so if you ever want to hurt Charlie this is exactly what I said to him when I left the two of you in Forks to go screw minor league baseball players like that movie Bull Durham…”

The real absurd part is that it works. Charlie should have grabbed her by the arm and stopped her from leaving. Remember it is Sunday and if he had any real sense he wouldn’t have let her go in the first place.

Successful as her gambit was they are now in the truck speeding off with Alice in the distance behind them. Bella asks about the tracker and Edward knows, “The tracker followed us. He’s running behind us now.”

So he followed you? Funny that didn’t get mentioned before when they pulled up. Between the telepath and the psychic no one figured that out. James isn’t immune to their powers as we have seen, in fact, he should be pretty clear in Alice’s mind since he’s a vampire. James is out there hunting them like the Predator but no one seems to suggest standing and fighting. It was brought up before and i wonder why they are against it now? It can’t be for Bella’s sake, because James couldn’t hurt her without getting killed by one of the other three vampires around her.

The other question is why no one at the Cullen’s house misses James. The three agreed to hear Carlisle out, and forbid themselves from hunting in the region but no one seems to be aware that he (and Victoria we later learn) are gone? Furthermore there is the added problem of Charlie. His otherwise obedient and servile daughter just ran out of the house acting completely out of character, a normal person might try and contact the last people that saw her, i.e. the entire Cullen family, to find out what just happened.

Why is James tracking Bella? Edward knows, “If you didn’t smell so appallingly luscious…

I like that phrase. It shows the Meyer can really string some words together when she wants to. I have repeated that sentiment several times over the course of this blog, she can write great descriptions she really knows adjectives–it’s just plot and character she has a hard time with. What I hate about the phrase is that it gives Bella more importance than she herself thinks, and we think as well. It’s the kind of crap that makes Leia’s ship get attacked by Vader’s near Tatooine. Of course that of all the possible times, in all the possible places, James had to whiff Bella who is the most attractive human for vampires…even though no one else but Edward has even mentioned it.

Edward explains further, “If I had stood by, he would have killed you right then.

Yeah, except that standing by is exactly what Edward did. He stood there and snarled. I guess the snarling means he did something, but of course, there is also Laurent who made the pact with Carlisle, and the rest of the Cullens who could have stopped James. Good thing Edward was there or else the exact same thing would have happened that did.

So back at the Cullen’s stronghold everyone is wondering what to do about James and Victoria. Naturally they ask Laurent who explains how deadly James is, and how in 300 years he’s never seen anyone so dangerous and that is why, “I joined his coven.”

Last week I mentioned that even though James wants to kill Bella he can’t because “Laurent is the patriarch of this clan. If Laurent says no, he’ll have to obey…that’s how it works in the other vampire media.” Not only does this mean that I’m wrong about an assumption I made with the available evidence* but that there is something of an actual danger here. James doesn’t need to be unleashed because there is no leash. This surprise is not only limited to myself but also to Bella and everyone else. It’s a surprise but I’m not sure why it’s there.

Since most of the Vampires in this universe are not like the Cullens it would be a fair assumption for the other vampires that the Cullens would be normal and not vegan. Why put up the subterfuge? Wouldn’t the fact that they had deceived the local vampire chief be more risky than openly announcing who they are?

On the one hand the worry about James makes a good deal of sense, on the other the Cullens couldn’t have known that so we’re back to square one. Well, almost…I mean Alice and Edward could have known and maybe that explains their actions but why did they not mention it to Carlisle who thinks that he is sitting down with the leader. I am beginning to get the idea that not one vampire in this world has any idea what they are doing. And that includes the prophet.

*That since Laurent was talking to the Cullens it meant that he was in charge.

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