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Doughtnut Hole

My immense 20 page paper on “holes” and the ontological quandary contained therein earned me an A for the course. That was nice, because I found out that the paper was only supposed to be 10 pages after I had already turned it in. Oooops, I wasn’t worried about excessive length adversely affecting the grade because I had turned in an early draft and there were no complaints. That’s just the way it works out sometimes, you put in the extra work and it pays off…other times it isn’t necessarily so. Maximum page requirements are there for a reason as well.

That’s not the hole I’m going to talk about today though. I’m talking about the doughnut hole in Medicare policy that said that government would assist in the payments of prescription drug medication up until a certain financial threshold was met, then the patient was on their own until their payments equaled a certain amount for which it would kick back in again. A ridiculous rule signed into law by the previous president with little to no fanfare accompanying it. The drug companies practically wrote that bill themselves, but one might think given even the hint of a government take over of medicare (yep people believe that’s a NEW thing) they bringing guns to presidential rallies.

Even though that government “takeover” was a lie, and that the law which was actually passed closed that doughnut hole as of two days ago people were still pissed about it. They closed the hole and now a bunch of seniors don’t have to worry about whether or not they are going to make it until the next save point in their financial calculus.

I bring it up, because also Jan 1 marks the induction of the new Congress. Many of whom were GOP senators that campaigned on repealing this law. Are they going to re-perforate the doughnut and force seniors to pay for drugs for a certain period of time? I saw the video with the Tea Party guy shouting at a person on the street “no handouts!” Even partially subsidized medicine is a handout, you pretty much have to take that away as well don’t you?

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