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Thoughts on the Budget

Actually these are more rhetorical questions that I can’t seem to find answers to, these will probably be directed more toward the plan offered by the GOP rather than the Democratic one, which barring details seems to be one that I agree with.

Question 1; can someone please explain how raising taxes, and thus increasing revenue, back to the levels of that reviled socialist Ronald Reagan would not help with the deficit? It seems to be common sense that if you bring in more money you have more money and thus less of a need for credit. The Republicans and the Conservatives tell me this is wrong but I have yet to read one plausible explanation for this.

Question the Second: Alright, there is one reason constantly given but its plausibility rests on the answer to the following: if our corporations are so important to the economy and so patriotic, why do we need to bribe them with tax incentives to stay here? Shouldn’t they want to help the greatest country in history that gave them their ability to make themselves what they are? If I have to sacrifice shouldn’t this country of equality make them sacrifice as well?

Of which we now concern the third question: Despite the objective failure of trickle down economic policies (for instance why we didn’t have the projected budget balance in the 80s in which we tried this experiment), proponents of this plan seem to think that tax breaks create jobs. Yet when the Bush tax cuts were extended unemployment didn’t come down. In fact, if this claim is to be believed then at a point in history when taxes are at the lowest in since WWII our unemployment should also be at the lowest, and this simply isn’t the case. How can we resolve the contradiction?

The nature of the fourth question: I also don’t want to sound like Rep. Ryan is an idiot or anything, I have respect for his willingness to acknowledge that one of the places the money needs to come out of is medicare. That is quite courageous to touch the third rail of politics and directly tell the population with the highest percentage of voting that the money tap is getting shut off. What I wonder though, is why when Obama’s healthcare reform pledged the same thing, there aren’t any false claims of death panels being shouted at Ryan like there were before? I probably should word that better but I think my readers are smart enough to get what I am saying.

The common sense solution seems to not work, but here it is: cut spending, from real sources not piddily amounts, and raise revenue. Maybe this is not why I am a politician.

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