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It finally Passed

An episode of Futurama from last season had Fry, the Professor, and Bender stuck travelling forward in a time machine. At a certain point they had just resolved to grab a six pack and watch the universe end. As they turned forward till the end of time the professor explained that the last proton ought to be decaying into nothingness. Fry replies, “goodbye last proton.” The end was here.

Similarly last night, the end of marriage as we know it happened. No longer could the sanctity of marriage be explained with a straight face. All of us married people ought to throw our rings into the smelter because two people we don’t know, didn’t really care about one way or the other, can now get married. They can now visit each other in the hospital when they are sick, and whatever else I can do now that I couldn’t do two and a half years ago with my wife. Or whatever, I’m not even sure what the homosexuals get out of this aside from a recognition that they are officially married.

Which is important, but I’m trying to think of why the other side of the argument was so against it. Fighting this seemed to be like fighting the changing of the seasons. The vote passed 33-29, 53% for, a recent poll in NY found that 51% of the population were in support of equal marriage rights. For once the legislatures seem to be tracking right around the will of the population and if you are really into democracy and the idea of it which this country was founded upon then how could you really be against it. We do all know what a “Yankee Doodle Dandy” is right?

My facebook wall has been pretty much all “Good for the state” or “I’m proud to be a New Yorker today,” but there are those who simply won’t let it go. One person has publicly stated on their wall that gay people are evil, it’s not even veiled or hidden in subterfuge that person just openly said it, and then there were other people who started talking about moving out of New York because of this. Seriously!?

To those people who really believe that this vote was the same as the last proton decaying, leave. Goodbye, but remember this: it isn’t just the Leftist states in the upper East Coast of the country that have passed it, Iowa passed it too. You better move South where they still think Evolution is scientifically controversial or that that it’s just a theory (just like Gravity).

The law passed is specifically so that the state government recognizes the marriage civilly. It doesn’t decay that proton, it just makes it so that the law recognizes the union. It doesn’t force religious institutions into having to marry people, that would be a first amendment violation. It doesn’t even force halls to host ceremonies or receptions. In short nothing really changes unless you are in the state licensing department, an insurance company, or a hospital. So really what is there to complain about?

Oh right, it’s an affront to god or whatever. Well not really. See gay marriage isn’t a sin, it’s not even mentioned in the Bible…at all. Go ahead check one of those really well done, polished, and easy to use Bible websites (seriously, those people put some work into them). Now there’s the famous line from Leviticus but that isn’t about marriage that’s about having homosexual sex. Getting married doesn’t further the sin in anyway, in fact it probably lessens it given what every male stand up comedian talks about regarding sex and marriage. Given that this is entirely a secular issue can’t the religious people just be smug? Can’t you people (not all religious people, in fact if you are reading this I just assume you aren’t one of them) just be resigned to let people go to hell without raising a stink about it? It’s like that one phrase is the unchangeable word of god but everything else in that book is ignorable.

As a follow up it’s nice also to see that this vote wasn’t political. No politics were involved, just the normal functioning of government. Isn’t that right Jim Alesi? I wrote about him last time and he was an asshole for his reasons in voting against it. I guess when you remove the politics from it you can actually vote the way that you want, or something. I would love to corner him with that question in a press conference.

It’s only now a small matter of time before dogs and cats are getting married, Christmas is outlawed, and whatever else the fear mongers think is going to happen. It’s almost as if, in 30 days (probably from Monday I doubt the governor is going to come in on his day off to write his name), nothing will change but the perception that we need to force that last proton to decay in order to save America. That or we could just move to the libertarian paradise that is Somalia, where no government exists and these things can be prevented.

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