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We Support the Rest of US

The Founder’s Party supports the 99% protests in NY, Boston, LA, Philadelphia, and everywhere else the protest decides to crop up. The reason: The Founder’s Party is realistic. We understand that if you are reading this entry you are in the 99%, and more importantly you are most likely going to stay there. Not be down or pessimistic, but practically speaking you aren’t going to strike it big and the best the average American is going to do is live and die in the same economic strata they were born into. The Founder’s Party is admittedly self interested, and if a group aligns itself with our self interest we will support that. To do otherwise is foolishness.

The Founder’s Party believes in Adam Smith’s theory of Capitalism, that progressive taxes are necessary for the maintenance of the population’s ability to be educated and the general goodwill of our Republic. We also believe that if a company does business in this country it ought to pay taxes in this country no matter where it’s banks may be located. We follow the principle of Machiavelli in keeping the public rich but the private individual to poor to buy government. Under our government we will not permit individuals to become a Medici, Hearst, or Rockefeller; wielding the type of power that places them beyond the reach of the law.

The Founder’s Party opposes tax shelters. It also opposes tax subsidies for successful businesses instead believing that government money should be spent on research and propping up new emergent businesses. We understand history, that such revolutionary ideas like the internet wouldn’t have occurred without the infrastructure built with the aid of the federal government. Sure the market is great for developments within industry but new industries aren’t founded on their own. They need help, and the Founder’s Party is willing to take a gamble on new industries.

We aren’t Socialists, but we do believe in Socializing some aspects of society. The challenge we offer to those 1%, is that if you are so patriotic why don’t you help the rest of the country out? While we are non-religious we do support the Christian principle of helping the poor, something that seems even religiously Christian politics seems to be opposed to.

These are strictly superficial economic policies. Until the Founder’s Party gets an economist, or I start reading some economic books, I can’t be more specific. Also, until we learn of some hidden agenda in the “Occupy” Protests we support them but offer this piece of advice: That a crowd is useless without a head, for without a leader there is no one that can speak for you. Someone for whom questions and answers can be directed. More importantly, if you become successful who will negotiate? A multitude needs a leader as much as a body needs a head.

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