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An Atheist’s Perspective: Othodoxy and Progress

The French Philosopher Rene Descartes observed that the method of the scientific revolution would sweep away all obstacles from its path in its pursuit. It would do well for religion to stand aside lest it get caught in its path as well. Why would a French mathematician/philosopher who included an utterly plagiarized proof of god’s existence in his seminal work, “Meditations” make such a comment? Perhaps it is because that Descartes understood that orthodoxy cannot move forward a society. Only the progress of knowledge, of inquiry can do anything to drive us forward. Adherence to orthodoxy is adherence to the past. All questions have been answered, any question that could come up have already been answered as well.

Those of the Creation Museum would have us believe that upon the adoption of the Old Testament canon, specifically the book of Genesis, the whole entirety of scientific inquiry had been settled. That when an Irish Arch-Bishop in 1654 deduced that creation occurred in 4004 bc on October 23rd, the origins of the world had been settled. As Ken Ham claims, we weren’t there but the book was. The consequence is, that when the book was written–a time when there was serious disagreement over whether the Earth was round everything was answered (and indeed, the book makes it pretty clear that it is). This was a time when the very existence of viruses and bacterium, before the first Roman aqueduct would ever flow, and before the printing press; yet somehow the entirety of the nature of the Cosmos was answered. Make no mistake, I am not claiming that the people of the Bronze Age were dumb, or somehow lesser than we are now, they accomplished many great things but their ability to answer questions was hindered by the ability to have the knowledge to even ask the questions. Yet their omniscient fountainhead is supposed to have not only have the knowledge of the question but also the answers to them.

What’s incredible about this claim is that while this being is supposed to have the answers, their adherence to literalism, to the fairy tale, is against even asking the questions. They would have us cease our inquiries into anything that hasn’t been specifically mentioned by their literalist interpretation. It is understood that when you have the truth there is no reason to continue trying to find it, and when they have control it is a punishable offence to begin such an inquiry. How can it not be seen that this would retard progress?

With them in charge we have seen the fires that tried to choke out the idea of the infinite universe, the bars erected to contain the heliocentric universe, and the suits which have sought to mute out the theory of evolution. Luckily a resistance to such fundamentalism has attempted to move us passed such barbaric theocracy, but we see those that pine for the days where no learning was permitted beyond their book and its cubits.

What I want to know, and what perhaps we should be asking them, is what they would do if given the control back. Do they dial back all progress that has been made beyond it? We know that what they want is not “Intelligent Design” taught in the schools, what they want is their 6 day creation using “Intelligent” Design as a lever to get it in. Are they going to move us back to the days before plate tectonics, dinosaurs, and modern Astronomy? Would they force us to deny the practice of modern medicine because nothing in their book mentions infections, viruses, and bacteria replacing them with demon possessions and inherited sin?

Surely they must understand that if evidence contradicts the belief, it is not the evidence which is to be trashed but the belief.

The hypocrites, these charlatans; for they would accept the benefits of inquiry, of breaking the traditions of the past, the benefits of the very science they seek to oppress. Any person that claims the Earth is merely 6 thousand years old, and was created as is ought to be eschewing the petroleum products that are rendered impossible by their belief. If they are sick and pop an anti-biotic or get a flu shot, they had better seek to justify their denial of evolution which renders these things possible. If a person believes that Ussher was correct in his chronology, then using any computer device ought to be sinful given the physics by which it operates also shows that the Cosmos is much older than it.

What bothers me about these people is that the only word to describe them is hypocrite. They will take the benefits of the progress of civilization, then decry the method that produced them as sinful and worthy of the sadistic punishment of their hell. If they had any ounce of integrity they would either cease their condemnation or revert to the time period that they belong to.

  1. March 18, 2014 at 1:33 am

    They continue to spout creationism without even knowing that all their arguments have been soundly refuted time and again, as if any argument at all is news to them. It takes a lot of healing to get over beating beaten half to death with a stupid stick.

  2. March 18, 2014 at 8:05 am

    Reblogged this on hitchens67 Atheism WOW!! Campaign and commented:
    My problem with the Hamites of the world, is that they are so completely ignorant but have such lofty credentials, such as the inventor of the MRI scanner. Yes, everything about the idiocy of Creation has been soundly de-bunked, but these deluded people still try to infect our schools with this inbred nonsense! I also am angry that Bill Nye couldn’t see what a financial boon it would be to the ridiculous Creation Museum that he would set his debate at this bastion of redneck foolishness! These people can delude themselves all they want, but lets not play into their idiot hand!

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