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Sharia Law in America?

At a recent annual meeting of the NRA, group spokesman Steve Tarani claimed that “a friend” of his, whom he refused to name, claimed that the city of Dearborn, Michigan; has been effectively taken over by Muslim extremists who have instituted Sharia law in the city. His friend who is a member of Detroit’s SWAT team said that there were areas of the city that they do not go, because it is so hostile to non-Muslims. The story of course is bullshit. First off even if we grant that this “friend” exists, of course Detroit SWAT would never go into Dearborn, it is outside of their jurisdiction. Detroit SWAT has no place in Dearborn, the entire country outside of the Detroit municipality is a “no-go zone.” Secondly, the story is incredibly dubious when we consider that on October 28 of 2013, the National Report claimed that the city of Dearborn officially adopted Sharia Law…but the National Report is a satire website. That didn’t stop several right wing news agencies from running with the story as though it were the truth.

Obviously the story is being told to scare people. The NRA has changed in the last decade moving further and further into becoming an organization that is surpassed by the John Birch Society and Alex Jones into paranoid conspiracism. The whole point is to tell the people of their group that the government has just given up on defending them and instead allowed a group of religious zealots to take over an entire city.

If there was a city in Michigan, or anywhere in this country for that matter, that did legislate laws that were exclusive to a particular religion I would want those laws repealed. The law should not be in the business of favoring one religion over another with respect to approving ecclesiastical interpretations that serve the public good in no way. We even have a specific rule and more than 200 years of court cases that back up this separation.

Yet, despite these rules, we have these religious totalitarian rules that don’t have any place in the modern age. Take for instance the concept of “dry counties.” These are areas of the country where entire areas ban the sale of alcohol because of a weird interpretation of Christianity. There are around 500 of these areas throughout the country, including the county in which the Jack Daniel’s Whiskey distillery is located. In the 21st century, right now, there are areas where there is such a strict control by religious authorities that they literally ban the sale of a thing that they see as sinful. Yet the same people that are afraid of Sharia Law being somehow instituted in this country have effectively been supporting a law which those who would institute Sharia Law would support.

I don’t want to say that we should force people to drink alcohol. If you don’t want to drink, don’t drink. How is that not the solution to the problem of the “devil rum.” Why not just let the free market take care of it. I doubt that a bar could stay open in a county populated by Mormons, Southern Baptists, or strict Muslims; but instituting the law only forces other people to obey the rules of a belief system they do not adhere to. The difference between banning alcohol because of Christianity or banning alcohol because of Sharia is no different except in accidental details.

While Sharia law will never come to the United States we already have religiously intolerant laws here. While it’s a pretty trite example, the banning of alcohol is only one symptom of the same problem that has been attempting to ban gay marriage in the last decade or so (by that I mean that the laws being passed to specifically ban gay marriage or make it difficult to do so). Why are we letting religious law influence secular law? It makes no sense and is about nothing more than making certain people feel better about the rules that they are insecure about.

The same people that are trying to fight Sharia Law are the same people that claim that the government is getting too big and that think Socialism comes directly from the devil. Yet they apply enough cognitive dissonance to never put together the idea that they are asking for contradictory things. You can’t want the government out of your life if you are going to also ask it to determine who you can marry. Just as well you can’t ask for a free market system and then want that same free market to outlaw the sale of alcohol.

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