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So today’s post is about writing the blog. I almost think I’ve exhausted this topic. Now, I’m sure that there’s plenty more to talk about but for the last several weeks I’ve been having a hard time writing about anything. I sit down during the precious few hours that I have when the one kid is asleep and the other is minding her own business (usually), and…nothing. It’s like a weekly bout of writer’s block with specific concentration on this subject. I’ve said a lot, I’ve been posting about atheism specifically since 2012. Four years later it’s like I’m spent.

I’ve run out of things to say…well new things. I’ve covered the gamut from personal experiences to philosophical analyses. I know that this bout is temporary but what I don’t understand is where it comes from. It’s not like I don’t get the news: I listen to three atheist podcasts, I regularly check news items on religion, I read plenty and perhaps that’s the problem. Each time I sit down to write something I end up thinking, “no that was covered in Cognitive Dissonance yesterday.” In fact, I made a specific decision to stop listening to the podcast “Scathing Atheist” on Mondays because the diatribe section kept influencing my own writing of this blog.

Part of me wants to end the whole thing–the concentration on the subject not the blog itself, but another part of me realizes that perhaps I’ve done some kind of good with this thing. For awhile, it was being cross published in a Danish news site and that was pretty cool. I’ve actually got two subjects that are atheism related that I’m going to cover but one of them requires a substantial amount of research and the other is related more to the holiday season. I can’t do either yet.

With all of that being said my posts going forward are going to get a bit repetitive. I realize that I have, within the last year, accumulated more subscribers. This is probably due to the Danish website, so I’m going to begin retreading my older posts about what turned me away from religion. For longer subscribers, the very few that are out there, I’m not going to simply be reposting. I’m going to rewrite them with the same central theme. Going backward through it over the last few days/weeks I realized a few things:

The first is that there were much better ways to write it like I tell my students, the first draft is never the best one. Most of those posts were at least second drafts but it wouldn’t hurt to go over them to refine the prose. The second is that in between those posts were a lot of other kinds. At the time I was just writing to write, but now I do that on the PC. So one week we might have a “Road to Atheism” post and before the next one is a series of other ones including Philosophy papers I was submitting to classes, my Twilight series that I abandoned when I read a teenage girl’s blog and realized she was doing a much better job of it than I, and some political stuff that doesn’t really fit (2012 election).

I’ll be clear about the types of posts when they come up labelling them “redux” after the mess that was the Apocalypse Now recut, though I think my posts will improve rather than become a slow moving mess (seriously the follow up with the Playboy Bunnies just stalls out the movie). We’re also going to add in a book review of something that I found when moving dealing the problem of evil, however I have to read that book first.

That’s the plan, sorry for the filler post but I was tearing out my hair trying to think of something.


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