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November 3, 2009 Leave a comment

Spending the greater part of the day installing Windows 7 I came to a realization that it doesn’t matter what OS my computer is running. I’m not a computer guy, though most people are under the impression that I am, so I don’t get the subtle differences between Windows 95 and Windows 98.

I understood why Windows ME was supposed to suck, but I didn’t really get the practical hands on experience of the sucking. I think I worked on Windows NT at both Convergys and Buckeye but I can’t really be sure, no matter which OS it actually was I didn’t really notice what some of the techies were complaining about. It worked for me, it worked just fine for using the programs for work and surfing on the internet.

My first laptop was installed with Windows XP and again, I didn’t notice the real changes in the system. With this new laptop it started with Vista. I was working at Office Max when Vista was released and heard the numerous complaints about it. I thought that the aesthetic overhaul was nice looking but not having a computer that ran it, I missed the manual experience of using it. Finally having a computer with Vista I found it a bit annoying: it added one more layer of “are you sure you want to do this?” which after awhile I became accustomed to. The only thing I did know about Vista was that it ate RAM just to have the computer sitting idle.

From a technical aspect this is definitely a minus, but I don’t use the computer for much. My primary uses for this computer are three: internet, word processing, and the occasional game. The game I play is Civilization, and my current version of the game is almost two years old so any RAM needs were going to be more than met by a current computer. I guess I just don’t understand what the problem with Vista was, then again I only received it after the service pack fixes were out.

When it comes to Macs I tend to stay away being that I don’t meet two requirements of Mac users: the extra two grand it costs to own one and the smugness usually reserved for Prius owners. I have used Macs, and whether it was OS 8 or Leopard the only real difference I noticed was that the menus are on the top and the mouse only had one button. I like switches and buttons which means that Macs are uncomfortable for me because almost everything is run through the software which means that when the computer crashes (it does happen) I need a paperclip in order to eject a CD.

So now, I’m typing this entry on a Windows 7 computer. Other than a cosmetic difference which I will play around with customization in the next week, I can’t see the differences. I’m told that it takes less RAM to run but as I said earlier this isn’t something that I am going to be aware of from a practical standpoint. If someone tells me that 7 sucks because…I will probably pay a bit more attention but it will only be in the back of my mind.

Maybe this should be one of those things that I pay attention to more but it’s tough to care as none of it really matters for the uses that I will need the computer for. Even in programs that I use frequently, like Microsoft Word I can’t figure what the changes are from 2000 to 2003 to 2007, and I use those programs all of the time. Things move into different places but that seems to be really it. With the installation complete everything appears to be running fine but then again maybe I will discover that my pictures don’t load or most of my music won’t play, maybe my cell phone is no longer linked to the computer the way it was five hours ago. Unless it’s one of those things it won’t really matter.